Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Newest Photographer Is Francisco Moreno

Below he will tell us about himself, his photography, and we will have links to his work, as well as to his store on Zazzle:

My name is Francisco. I have unique and original photographs and artwork from plants like cacti and succulents. I travel to various regions and photograph interesting subjects of nature, landscape, plants and places of interest.

I enjoy capturing the natural beauty of plants and places in photographs. I particularly love the wide variety of colors and shapes of succulent plants, these little plants are a passion to me and I have a good collection of them.

Also I’m interested in other topics like extreme sports, rock climbing and falconry.

Traveling into many places has given me the opportunity to capture places, and moments plentiful of life.

Below are three of his fotos, showing these plants:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Newest Photographer Is Mark Tisdale of Atlanta

The following is what he has to say about himself, and his work:

Photography has gradually become my life. I first got interested in photography after traveling abroad for the first time in 2004. I got a lot of nice feedback on my travel snaps. Whether it was warranted or not, it got me interested in photography as more than just point and shoot happy snaps. I started trying to learn more and pretty soon advanced to my first d SLR. I've taken one class, an intro for the basics, but everything else has been self taught.

A year ago, I left a stable job that had passed unfulfilling and was headed into parts unknown on the scale of human dissatisfaction. Insane to do in this economy,but I sold my house and have gotten a little additional traveling in and continue to work at making photography and to some degree travel my life.

Below are some of his photos with links to those products in Zazzle:

Follow him on his blog for up to date information, and very beautiful photos!