Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Latest Fotographer Is BeBops From Upstate New York

Below We Will Learn More About Bebop's Work:

My name is Bebops. I have been taking pictures all my life. My father and grandfather were both professional photographers and I worked in their darkrooms as a teenager. I think that is how I came to love digital post-production. Here are three of my favorite photos but I have to admit, I love everything I have posted!
My favorite Pastimes are gardening, reading, photography, cinema, music and exploring the wild natural world.

Below are Fotos that when clicked will take you to the product on Zazzle:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Newest Photographer Is Steve Crompton From: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

A bit about himself and his work, along with clickable fotos below, that will link to products on his Zazzle Store:

I've been a 'serious' photographer now for over 30 years, and in that time I've owned and/or used all sorts of equipment from 35mm to 5"x4" format. Now I use Canon digital SLR's almost exclusively, although many of the images I use in my Zazzle products were shot on film as long ago as 1979. Digital is responsible even for the film shots being in my store - thanks to a film scanner.
Favourite subjects to photograph are probably anything in nature; stormy skies, landscapes and the creatures which inhabit those landscapes. Having said that though, I'll photograph pretty much anything which I think will make a good image.
I like to do as much as possible 'in camera' when taking photographs, however because I shoot in RAW and don't use any auto adjustments, styles etc. the images tend to look extremely bland on first viewing; they then need to be processed to get them to match what I was seeing and thinking when I pressed the shutter button. Some images can be very difficult when it comes to the processing stage, it's almost as though the image you want to finish up with is trapped inside the one you're looking at - you've just got to figure out how to release it.
The image processing part is largely no different than how it was in the darkroom, except we can now do things which we could only really dream of in a darkroom - and without all the mess and those expensive wasted prints.

Fotos with links to Steve's Zazzle products: