Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today, Our Newest Fotographer Is MLeWallpapers

Below, they will describe their work, followed by "Clickable Fotos", that will take you to their Zazzle Store:

At we're a husband and wife team that started out just wanting to share our photography with the world. I (Emily) consider myself the creative director - I take most of the pictures and pick out which ones we're going to use for the website and for products.

My philosophy about photography isn't about the perfect camera and lens - it's about capturing the beauty of nature as you see it. I like to take a nice portable camera on hikes. We do a lot of traveling, mostly to national parks and other scenic places, and I just can't keep from taking pictures!I like to "shoot quick" and then adjust the fotos later, if need be.  Panasonic is the camera that I currently use.