Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Newest Photographer Is Claire Shearer From Scotland

Below, Claire  will tell us about her work:

Hi there, my name is Claire and I'm from bonny Scotland! I have been into photography for a couple of years and over that time I have got more and more into it. I love landscape, still life and floral photography. I spend a lot of my spare time traveling to scenic spots to take photos and my last holiday was a photography trip to the beautiful Isle of Skye.

I have been on Zazzle for 6 months and the last couple of months things have really been going well here. I'm am truly a Zazzle addict!! I get a huge buzz when I sell products and the biggest buzz comes when I sell my landscape prints as they are what I'm most proud of.
I recently bought my first DSLR a Sony A300 and I’m loving the creative possibilities it allows. My other equipment: Tamron 17-50mm f2.8, Tamron 90mm f2.8, Sony 55-200 f4.5-5.6, A selection of ND Cokin P filters, and Hoya Polarizer. I absolutely love landscape photography especially up in the Highlands of Scotland and also enjoy taking abstract macros in the comfort of my home. I’m truly hooked on photography and hopefully this is only the beginning. 

I love the instant result you get with a digital camera, I was good at art,but often I didn’t have the patience for taking days to complete one piece of work. Since then I have thrown myself into photography and become more passionate about it as time has gone by. I love the creative possibilities that are opened up with an SLR and have become interested in several areas of photography. My favorite type is fine art landscape photography, I especially love long exposure shots that show movement in some way. I am based in Livingston, West Lothian which means several good photographic locations are within easy reach and the dramatic Highlands are within a 2 hr drive. Taking photographs around Scotland has really opened my eyes to the beauty of the country and I feel lucky to live here.

I am constantly searching for the rare moments when perfect light brings a photograph to life. I have set goals to always improve and become a better photographer. I personally think the learning curve is endless and this is only the beginning, it’s exciting to think about what the future may hold in store.

Thanks for viewing my work and please feel free to contact me with your comments, they will be greatly appreciated. 

Following are 3 of her fotos with links to that product: 




Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Latest Photographer Is St. David 2nd From North West London, U.K.

Below he will tell us a bit about himself, and his work:

St David 2nd is my retirement project, after I was forced to take early retirement due to ill health a couple of years ago. I have long had an interest in photography (had a nice Pentax SLR, did my own developing etc), but limited time in which to pursue it up until now. However in the year following my retirement I picked up some of the threads again, entered a couple of my photos into an exhibition with a local society and tried my hand at printing photographic greetings cards at home. These proved to be popular with family and friends, and so I decided to upload some of my designs onto an internet site.

To date I've got about 80 designs uploaded making around 120 products, with many more in the pipeline. I work with digital photography and enjoy the effects that can be achieved by digital editing, and around 50% of my work comprises "manipulated" prints rather than traditional photographs.

The Zazzle community seems really friendly and I have had some helpful tips to get around the software and set up a store. I also appreciate opportunities like this and hope I will soon be able to offer to promote other people's stuff.

At the moment I'm using a fairly modest Kodak Z915 to see how the project goes before investing in something more expensive, but it has 10mP and a 10x zoom so it's fairly versatile and I'm pleased with some of the results as I hope the selection of posters below show.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Newest Photographer Is Kimberly Tilley of Developing Nature

She describes herself and her photographic passions:

I am a wildlife and nature photographer. I am currently living in NH, but my husband's job does not allow us to stay in one location too long, so we won't be here that long. But I plan to photograph as much of New England as I can. I work with both film and digital cameras. I have an old Polaroid camera, a newer Polaroid camera, a Kodak Dualflex, Nikon SLR, Pentax DSLR and a Pentax point & shoot.

I have been a serious student of photography since 2002. I am a former student of New York Institute of Photography. And I have been selling online since 2003. My Zazzle shop has been open since September 2009, and I have had many great sales. I am happy with Zazzle; they make selling easy, and they include eco-friendly products to sell my artwork on, such as the recycled magnets and organic t-shirts.

Below are three of her favorite fotos on her product:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

From Serbia, Is Professional Photographer Vladimir Kiš

He describes himself as follows:

I am a self-taught photographer. I graduated from Graphic Design High School in
Belgrade, Serbia. I work professionally as a photographer for an international company, but , enjoy traveling and photographing scenes from life more.

I own a Nikon system for professional work, and use a Canon for casual shoots, and I only work on Macs. I co-own Vladimir Victoria Studios with my wife, and have done commercial, fashion, and fine art photography projects.

I dream of collecting Leica cameras, traveling and taking photographs around the world. Also, I am currently expanding a line of healthy, quality, organic products and am a passionate advocate of a sustainable redesign of our current culture.

My shop at Zazzle.     My Fotos below:


This last image, entitled "Forbidden Thoughts", was chosen by Venice International Photography for a feature exhibit on Eastern Europe, and was a top finalist for said competition.


Our Latest Photographer Is Stacie Lee

She describes herself as follows:

I'm a freelancing artist,writer and photographer. I enjoy creating new designs and using my photography on products.

I live in the lake Cumberland Kentucky region. Most of my photography is nature based and I am moving into abstract and graphic design. I use non-professional camera, a Sony Cybershot dsc-H10 most of the time and great editing software. I like to find the natural beauty in everyday items...

My favorite genres are outdoors in woods, near lakes, or simply the sky.

Other interests of mine are macro views of jewelry, flowers, and old buildings.

I have been a photographer most of my life and became more serious in the last
six years.

My personal interests are: photography, writing, painting cats, travel, and my artistic
interests are: acrylic abstract paintings,digital art.

I have a photography website;StacieleePhotography , and my shop on Zazzle, New2You.

Some of her Fotos with embedded link to the product for the foto: 



Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Next Photographer Is Jade

She describes herself as follows:
I live in Arkansas and I would have to say I dabble in nature, product and still life photography.  Basically if something catches my eye, I'll photograph it.  I attend college now studying photograhy and employ the techniques I've learned thus far, rule of thirds and such.  Using my Nikon D40 I've captured the following shots I've included here.  Some of which I've used for final projects and scored A's on.

This is My Shop.

Following are some of her clickable photos, that will take you to a larger photo:


Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Next Photographer Is Patricia

She describes herself and her work, as follows:
I've been fortunate to live in the very beautiful and scenic province of Newfoundland, Canada. As an island, we're surrounded by water, and like many Newfoundlanders, I'm drawn to the magnificent power and beauty of the ocean. Many of my photographs will feature water of some kind as a result. However, we also have some interesting wildlife and fauna as well, so pretty much any aspect of nature fascinates me. I've used a variety of cameras, mostly Kodaks, but all are simple point and shoot. It's the splendour of my surroundings that creates the visual appeal.

I was so excited to discover the opportunity to share my photos through Zazzle, and hopefully introduce a little piece of "The Rock" to the world. There are still many who don't know where Newfoundland is - but most who have been here long to come back.

My interests include photography, nature, animals, and I'm particularly drawn to the water. I'm also very active with my professional association - the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

Artistic Interests: I love to capture that unique shot or unexpected perspective for a scene.

My Store


Our Next Photographer, Teresa Is From Tennessee

She Describes Herself Here:

I love photography - especially landscape photography! I have been taking pictures since the age of about 10 on an old Brownie camera. I have also learned to shoot pretty good from the back of a moving motorcycle. I love traveling and seeing new places and shooting photo’s – our national parks and monuments are my favorites! I’ve also been to Ireland to shoot as well and I am so excited about my summer trip to some national parks and monuments I haven’t seen yet. New photo’s for my shops! I currently shoot with a D300 and a 18-200 mm VR lens(the lens I use most).  I also have a point and shoot too for when I can't carry my camera.  I love designing and coming up with new ideas.

I enjoy an active lifestyle. I love weight training, running and hiking. I have completed one full marathon, 4 half marathons, a small triathlon, hiked Mt. Charleston with a 50 pound pack and hiked more than half of the 900 miles of trails in the smoky mountains.

I have been at Zazzle since August 2008.   My Zazzle Store


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Next Professional Photographer Is Rebecca Brittain

This is how she describes herself, and her work:
I grew up here in Pinellas County, and got into photography while attending Largo High School.

I love to photograph animals (and people!) and currently photograph the adoptable dogs for the Humane Society of Pinellas. I love helping getting these dogs adopted through my photography!

I currently live in Clearwater with my husband Richard, Golden Retrievers Tucker and Darby, three tortoises and turtles, two cats, plus saltwater and freshwater fish.

I am a pet portrait specialist, but I do shoot many different subjects for my zazzle and personal images.

I use a Nikon D90, few different lenses. Most of my stuff is straight, but I do like to play with Photoshop for various effects if it suits the image.

I've been on Zazzle for over a year, and really love getting new ideas for a shot that the drumsticks business cards I just sold in Zazzle.

I like to shoot around my town, like these vintage suitcases at a local park:

I also have 3 turtles, like to shoot them, one example here:


Our Next Photographer is Juliana RW

She decribes herself here:

I live in the Noord Holland, Netherlands  I am amateur photographer, I use Nikon D60. I am in Zazzle since December 2008.

I like to make photos of nature,landscape,macro shots, flowers and animals.   I am married, and the Mother of 1 Son.  I like blogging, and digital scrapbooking.  Her Zazzle Shop.

Her favorite photos with a link to her product pages:


Our Latest Photographer is Veronica Hoffman

She decribes herself below:
I am an amateur photographer located in Denver, Colorado - but almost none of my photographs are from here. They range from Indiana, where I grew up, to Oregon and Virginia, where I attended college, to a few other states, and a few other countries - Fiji, New Zealand, and Guatemala. I've been on Zazzle since July of 2007.

I can't brag about my current camera, but a number of photos on my gallery were taken with a Nikon 35mm film SLR and retouched in Photoshop, and a few were taken with a borrowed dSLR, perhaps also Nikon.

I like a fairly broad range of subjects. Like many, I do love photographing nature and landscapes, but I also have a lot of fun with architecture, macros/close-ups of anything interesting, and abstract photography. One of my absolute favorites is a photograph I took of tealight holders that looks more like an abstract flame design than a photograph. I do seem to tend toward close-ups rather than wide views, but just you wait till I get a camera with a good wide-angle lens!  (KOOL...can't wait, FF)

A few of her fotos, with links to her products:

                                                      For Her Zazzle Home

Another Photographer: Redneck Hillbillies

This is what they said about their work:  Home for them is a small town in southern British Columbia, Canada. There's a reason why we have Beautiful British Columbia on our vehicle license plates - the mountains, rivers and lakes, and lush greenery and variety of wildlife in this valley give them plenty to shoot. They are limited only by the opportunity to get out there and capture it.

They are an avid amateur, using a Panasonic Lumix FZ-18, which is a little more than a point and shoot, but not by much. It does have 18x zoom and a Leica lens which helps, and it's good enough for now. They take it with them almost everywhere just in case something grabs their attention.

They have been fairly active in Zazzle for four months, uploading their first image at the end of January and increasing their efforts with each small sale. Our family would tell you that they are hopelessly addicted to Zazzle!   RedneckHillbillies on Zazzle.  Below are three of their photos, with a link to their product on Zazzle.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Professional Photographer, Carolyn of Living Life Photography

Carolyn is from Tampa, Florida and describes herself as follows:   I have always loved being behind the camera. More than 15 years ago, I began photographing the many veterans’ events in which my husband was involved. At that time, I was using a Nikon film camera. It didn’t take long to become known as the unofficial “official” photographer. In 2005, I made the move to digital with my Nikon D70, which I still use. The world is my classroom, and with technology changing things on an almost-daily basis, I am striving to continue to “learn and improve.”

I am in hopes that God will use me to bring a smile to a face or a tear to an eye. Maybe one of my photographs will take someone back to a special time that they thought they had forgotten, or give them a new memory to keep. I consider it a blessing and thank God for the gift of artistic creativity to be able to photograph the beauty of His mighty works. It is a privilege and honor for me to play a small part in capturing memorable moments to be cherished by others for years to come.

I find inspiration and delight in the beauty of God’s creations, and really enjoy photographing Nature. Scriptures and motivational quotes were carefully chosen and added to my images to make them truly unique. Many of the images were taken in the Tampa area, and I hope that you will be inspired to take time to enjoy the world around you through the lens of my camera.

In May of 2008, I was introduced to Zazzle and fell in love with the site and the opportunities it presented. Almost all of the products in my store incorporate my photography. I also love working with fractals and the creative things that can be done using Photoshop Elements. Many of my abstracts also begin with my photography.

Below are three of Carolyns original photos.  Click on any (or all) of her photos to be taken to a larger photo
on Zazzle.  Or click here to go to her Zazzle home page.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Next Photographer Is Jaci Harmsen

We asked Jaci about about her photographic background, and this is what she had to say:

Hello. My name is Jaci & I live in Colorado. I've been shooting for almost 30 years. I got my 1st real camera when I was only 14 or 15. I've been shooting for the last 3 years with a Canon Rebel XTi with either an 18-55, a 55-250 IS or a 50mm f/1.8. Some of the cheapest lenses out there, but it's not all about the gear. I mostly shoot landscapes and animals.

I've been on zazzle now for about 6 months. I really enjoy it. I love photography, but don't really want to be a professional in the sense that I just want to shoot what I enjoy. I don't want to be told, go shoot this or go shoot that. So with zazzle I get to shoot what I like & hopefully make a little extra money to help pay for my hobby!

Following are a few of her photos, so click on them and be whisked away to her nice website on Zazzle.  And below her photos is a link to her main page on Zazzle.

                                                                Jaci Harmsen at Zazzle

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our First Photographer Is Bebop

We asked her to describe herself, her photo favorites, cameras and methods.  This is what she had to say:
I am a very serious "amateur" photographer who has now started offering my work on Zazzle. I live in Upstate New York. My photography is almost all nature-based. I spend a lot of time wandering the hills, fields, and streams of this lovely part of the world, trying to capture its beauty.

I don't have a very sophisticated camera. I have a Canon PowerShot S3 IS and one extra telephoto lens. I do quite a bit of post-processing with Photoshop Elements but try not to distort the original work, just enhance it.

I have been on Zazzle for three months. I love the helpful camaraderie of the forums. It has been so much fun applying my images to the various products, but my real passions are the posters and cards. Here are a few of my favorite posters.  Below are three of her photos, with a link to her homepage on Zazzle. Or click on a photo to be taken right to that Zazzle webpage.