Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Latest Fotographer is Gill, (Rural France) From: Limousin, France

Below, she will tell us about herself and her fotography:

I've been a photographer for many years, but only recently discovered "print on demand" via Zazzle. Since moving to France, my interest in photography has been renewed, and the hard winters have given me time to go through my large collection of 35mm transparencies and to copy a select few.  
I'm a keen photographer, ex-graphic artist, gardener and love all things natural and wild. I have a few animals of my own – horses, chickens, goats – some of which you will find in these pages. Although British, I have lived in this beautiful part of France for eight years, and love the countryside, the people, and slow pace of life.

I enjoy, photographing animals, flowers, landscapes and anything that moves or doesn't move.

Following are some examples of her beautiful fotos, with embedded links to her Zazzle Products:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Newest Fotographer is Liora Hess From Atlanta, GA

This is a first for our blogs (Fly-Fotos and Fly-Designers). The featured Fotographer and Designer are the same person, and Liora is featured in both Blogs today.  Below she will tell us a bit about herself and her work (do check out Fly-Designers to see her creativity there as well) :   

I'm an artist living in Atlanta with my black-and-white tuxedo cat (look for him in my artwork!). I'm Jewish and a breast cancer survivor (diagnosed just after turning 39). Currently my creative work is my "second living," but I'm working toward making it my primary income. I can't imagine ever wanting to retire from creating art!

I enjoy creating art with bold, clear colors, folk and whimsical themes, and art that uplifts with a message of hope and healing. Art to me is about the love of freedom to create anything and splash a blank canvas with whatever story I want to tell. I enjoy art that is clear and not fussy, but with a quirky edge -- which is who I am. I have two stores here on Zazzle: liorahess and greenbirdcreative. You'll see some overlap in art on both sites, but this store (liorahess) is the one I'm primarily building. I plan to fill it with mostly illustration, but a few photographs thrown in for fun.

Below are a few of her fotographs with links to her Zazzle Store, and to the individual products there: