Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Newest Fotographer is Liora Hess From Atlanta, GA

This is a first for our blogs (Fly-Fotos and Fly-Designers). The featured Fotographer and Designer are the same person, and Liora is featured in both Blogs today.  Below she will tell us a bit about herself and her work (do check out Fly-Designers to see her creativity there as well) :   

I'm an artist living in Atlanta with my black-and-white tuxedo cat (look for him in my artwork!). I'm Jewish and a breast cancer survivor (diagnosed just after turning 39). Currently my creative work is my "second living," but I'm working toward making it my primary income. I can't imagine ever wanting to retire from creating art!

I enjoy creating art with bold, clear colors, folk and whimsical themes, and art that uplifts with a message of hope and healing. Art to me is about the love of freedom to create anything and splash a blank canvas with whatever story I want to tell. I enjoy art that is clear and not fussy, but with a quirky edge -- which is who I am. I have two stores here on Zazzle: liorahess and greenbirdcreative. You'll see some overlap in art on both sites, but this store (liorahess) is the one I'm primarily building. I plan to fill it with mostly illustration, but a few photographs thrown in for fun.

Below are a few of her fotographs with links to her Zazzle Store, and to the individual products there:


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